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Literature in Spanish is represented by a new generation of writers, translators, illustrators, publishers and agents: the so-called #Generation22.

Read our manifesto, to which journalist Carlos del Amor has lent his voice.


Madrid’s Book Fair is back: hustle and bustle, loudspeakers, and bright colours

Today this literary event brings together a total of 22 official organisations, 14 distributors, 50 general bookshops, 57 specialised bookshops, 165 publishers from Madrid and 109 from other provinces.

Translation aids

Open call! 

Programme of Grants for the Promotion of Translation into Foreign Languages

Since 1984, the Ministry of Culture and Sport has been running the Programme of Grants for the Promotion of Translation into Foreign Languages to contribute to the knowledge abroad of Spanish literature, both classical and contemporary. In these almost four decades, these grants have proved to be an extremely effective instrument to encourage the international dissemination of written cultural heritage.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events
and calls #SpainFrankfurt2022

Read the literary 📚, cultural 🎭 and professional 🖋️ programme.

If you need more information, check out the upcoming events in detail!



Press room


Press room


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"The big challenge came when women became aware of our fragility and had the courage to speak out"
Desirée de Fez
De Fez 10
When literature is drawn: a graphic novel based on the best Spanish-language fiction

2021 Programme (20-24 October)



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