Live Panel: Contemporary Spanish Poetry.

Saturday 17 October at 16:00 h.

Speakers: Mariano Peyrou (poeta), Ana Rossetti (poeta), Ángela Segovia (poeta).

Moderator: Luis García Montero (director del Instituto Cervantes )

The map of contemporary Spanish poetry is varied in trends, rich in influences, and generous in the number of active generations. It is impossible to reduce it to a few lines or currents and difficult to summarise in a set of intentions. 

In this discussion, moderated by the poet, university professor and director of the Instituto Cervantes, Luis García Montero, three active poets belonging to three different generations in Spanish poetry (Ana Rossetti, Mariano Peyrou and Ángela Segovia) will address issues related to both Hispanic and universal traditions, the different forms of poetical commitment and the nuances that create the personal voice of a poet.

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Luis García Montero