Spain at the Guadalajara International Book Fair

On November 27 a murmur of surprise went through the auditorium. From the stand Raúl Padilla López, president of the Guadalajara International Book Fair, broke the news: Almudena Grandes had died. All those present rose to their feet and observed a minute’s silence. After two years of pandemic absence, the most important cultural event in […]

The importance of grants to achieve the internationalization of our books.

Thanks to the Spain Guest of Honor project at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022, we can be internationally recognized for our extraordinary literature produced over the centuries. From the most classical to the most vanguardist books. And the fair is a first-level international showcase, since 80% of international copyrights are negotiated there. One of the […]

Literary encounters between Spain and Canada

On the occasion of the handover between Canada, Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2021, and Spain, Guest of Honour 2022, the Canadian pavillion will house two common theme encounters  between writers of both countries. On October 21st at 1:00 p.m., novelist Michel Jean and writer Najat El Hachmi will state their view […]

The influence of Carmen Laforet in Spanish literature

24/10/2021 The journalists and writers Rosa Montero and María Folguera are from Madrid but from different periods. During the Frankfurt Book Fair, they had a pleasant conversation about Carmen Laforet and how she has influenced Spanish literature as a writer and as a woman. Montero and Folguera discussed the difficulties that Laforet went through in […]

Spain-Germany: the novel as a laboratory and theatre of the human

23/10/2021 Argentinian writer Patricio Pron y and german playwright Nino Haratischwili have talked about topics of interest for Spanish and German readers and overlaps between both countries as well. The discussion took place in the Public Municipal Library Eugenio Trías in Madrid. Haratischwili and Pron found in some way their identity as writers in their […]

Intimism and rupture in the poetry of the generation of 1950s

José Manuel Caballero Bonald and Francisco Brines, who both passed away in May 2021, are two outstanding poets of the Generation of the 1950s, so-called the “social realism” or the “children of war” generation. Book critic and writer Antonio Ortega interviewed two experts on their work: poet and book critic Juan Carlos Abril; and journalist […]

Utopias, culture and the future

23/10/2021 What ethical challenges does transhumanism pose? What direction is the collective Zeitgeist taking? Is there a place for utopia and a positive image of the future? Three expert voices on the subject talk at the Eugenio Trías Public Library about culture and philosophy in today’s world. The anthropologist and researcher Yayo Herrero and the […]

The year of Spain as Guest of Honor of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 begins

The general director of Books and the Promotion of Reading, María José Gálvez, received today the “Guest scroll” from the hands of Caroline Fortin, the representative of the Canadian Organizing Committee. Under the slogan “Spilling Creativity”, Spain’s program as Guest of Honor 2022 will be based on the international success of Spanish literature, strengthening its […]

Literature of the scream

23/10/2021 The writer María Fernanda Ampuero and the journalist and writer Desirée de Fez have talked about the exploration of cruelty, the convergence of fantasy and horror, and the emergence of fear in the new feminine narrative territories. During their meeting at the Eugenio Trías Library in Madrid, they mentioned the need to review horror […]

New challenges for publishing

21/10/2021 Publishers and booksellers have discussed, together with Luis González, Director of the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation, the new realities and opportunities in the publishing world. Jordi Nadal, Director of the independent publisher Plataforma; Paulo Cosín, Editorial Director of Ediciones Morata and Luis Solano, publisher and founder of Libros del Asteroide (Grupo Contexto), analyzed the […]