Live Panel: Comics in today’s Spain.

Saturday 17 October at 10:00 h.

Speakers: Juan Díaz Canales, Juanjo Guarnido, Elisa McCausland.

Moderator: Laureano Domínguez

In the last two decades there has been a profound transformation of the comic industry in Spain. After the boom of the 1980s and the subsequent collapse of the 1990s, the comic industry appeared destined, if not to disappear, to become a marginal sector. Two decades later, although the situation is far from ideal, the situation of the comic industry and its impact on society has undergone a radical change.

The mass media discuss comics regularly, the number of Spanish comic artists are represented in the major French publishers has increased significantly, as has their international reputation (as evidenced by the numerous nominations for Eisner awards and the impact of the prizes received). The export of titles has grown significantly, even in such “difficult” markets as the United States. The creation of the National Comic Prize and the proliferation of fairs, has also contributed significantly to the consolidation of the status of comics; as has the increase in literary publishers who create their own lines of comics or the growing interest in audiovisual platforms for making adaptations of comics.

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Laureano Domínguez