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From book to screen

Literary adaptations for film and television are a growing phenomenon. Professionals from the publishing and audiovisual sector have discussed issues such as the challenges involved when adapting a book into a script, why adaptations of great works of literature often fail, and what ingredients a book must have to succeed on screen.

David Trueba, Verónica Fernández, Jesús Badenes, and Lucía Asué Mbonio have agreed that there is no magic formula to achieve success. The only requirement they consider necessary for novels, comics, reports … to transfer to the screen is that they have behind them a quality story that hooks and the possibility to change the format.

The meeting has highlighted the close relationship that literary and audiovisual languages ​​have maintained for a long time. A relationship where books, series, and films win thanks to the transfer of followers from one format to another.

Lucia Mbomio before stepping into the SpainFrankfurt2022 plateau

«The book should be the R&D of cinema and TV series. If it catches many readers, it could also be a success translated into audiovisual language.»

Jesús Badenes

«The relationship between literature and audiovisual is long and successful, but we continue to delve into it. On Netflix, there is a whole team reading and even with access to scoops.»

Verónica Fernández

«The good thing about turning a novel into a television series is that you have more time to adapt and give more nuance to the narrative. You can introduce more characters and new plots»

David Trueba

«It took me five years to send my first book to a publisher. I thought that no one was going to publish it. And suddenly, with the second book, they asked me to turn it into a series. My answer was yes instantly, to let them do what they wanted with it.»

Lucía Asué Mbonio

Jesús Badenes, Managing Director in the Books Division of Grupo Planeta and member of the Frankfurt Book Fair International Advisory Board.

Verónica Fernández, Content Director of Netflix Spain.

David Trueba combines his career as a writer with that of a film director.

Lucía Asué Mbomío, journalist and TV reporter.

Puy Oria, producer and moderator of the round table.

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