Live Panel: Galdós: Fiction and Life.

Friday 16 October at 11:00 h.

Speakers: Yolanda Arencibia y Manuel Longares

Moderator: Juan Cruz

Fiction and life are two essential, complementary or antagonistic elements of which all literary works are composed. Benito Pérez Galdós represents a paradigmatic and pioneering example of the perfect integration of the two concepts into an impeccable narrative fabric.

At a time in history when European society and its novels were undergoing a change, Galdós integrated the actions of his characters into the social and political framework in which his plots were set. The result is not only the excitingly plotted stories we know, but their links with the Spain they take place in; not as an added decoration, but as a way of contextualising the action and providing depth and meaning to the characters and conflicts they live in. His literature includes everyday habits and customs, moral feelings, the social groups that make up the world and that are at times clash, the miseries and contradictions, and occasionally the greatness of his personalities. In short, life as it breaks through into fiction.

This subject and many others will be discussed by the Galdós historian and biographer, Yolanda Arencibia and the writer Manuel Longares, moderated by the writer and journalist Juan Cruz.

On the 100th Anniversary of Benito Pérex Galdos, this panel bring us his best works.

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Juan Cruz