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Literature of the scream

The writer María Fernanda Ampuero and the journalist and writer Desirée de Fez have talked about the exploration of cruelty, the convergence of fantasy and horror, and the emergence of fear in the new feminine narrative territories. During their meeting at the Eugenio Trías Library in Madrid, they mentioned the need to review horror from the female point of view both in film and in literature.

Female fears, the authors agree, are addressed differently: relationships with the body, loneliness, gender identity, motherhood, loss. We are facing a generation of writers, who flee from labels, but who have similar concerns that bring them together in a field culturally dominated by writers. Circumstances that helped the appearance in space and time of a generation of female writers that reach the new generations of readers have been fundamental.

If you don’t yell, they won’t hear you. It is obvious, but for Ampuero it is almost a vital necessity: “Terror is turning up the volume of the common media. That is why it was important for me to direct my literary gaze towards what is important: the victims. The fear that the xenophobic speech spreads out and immigrant women could start getting murdered, for example. Horror is a refuge for people who feel out of place, which happened to many of us. I am not interested in the murderer, but the victim,” De Fez replied. In conclusion, both writers stressed the need to be heard through their work. Scream a lot, and very loud, although that can be interpreted as hysteria.

“The idea has been transferred to us that sharing our fears was showing our weakness. And it is not true. The change is in being aware of our fragility and having the courage to talk about it. It’s okay if you share your fears it’s a form of strength.”

Desirée de Fez

«I feel that I write from the scream, from the howl, because there is no other way to do it. There are many narcotics, metaphorical and literal, that make us lose ourselves among all the competition. You have to shout to say I am here, and here we are. Some things are invisible from such views, and I want them to be shown ».

María Fernanda Ampuero

Desirée de Fez is a writer, film critic, journalist, and screenwriter. Member of the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia-Sitges, she is the author of, among other books, ‘Películas clave del cine de terror moderno‘ (Robinbook), and ‘Lo imposible‘ (Norma) and ‘Un monstruo viene a verme‘ ( Norma), the last two about JA films Bayonne. Her most recent publication is ‘Reina del grito’ (Blackie Books), an autobiographical book about female fears.

María Fernanda Ampuero (Guayaquil, 1976), writer and journalist. In 2012 she was elected one of the most relevant Latin American women in Madrid. Her newly published book, Sacrificios Humanos  (Foam Pages, 2021) is in its second Spanish edition and independent editions in Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia.

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