Live Panel: New trends in children and YA literature in Spain.

Sunday 18 October at 10:00 h.

Speakers: Begoña Oro, Jordi Sierra i Fabra, Ben Clark.

Moderator: Marta Higueras

At a time in which globalisation and new technologies have simplified the distribution of all kinds of products, we continue to have difficulties in selling our children’s and young people’s literature abroad.

Begoña Oro, Jordi Sierra i Fabra and Ben Clark will discuss the idiosyncrasies of literature for children and young people in the varied Spanish market. This sets us apart and makes us strong, but may also be a handicap in terms of exports.

We will analyse together the outlook for Spanish literature at home and what a work has to have to attract a foreign publisher. We will also talk about the support received to raise awareness of the production of literature for children and young people in Spain through libraries, bookshops, schools, blogs, websites, etc. And above all, we will talk about books, authors and translators, publishers and their sales; about the importance of prizes, the issues that are of interest today, good practices in animation and the promotion of reading, research into literature for children and young people; and above all, our distinguishing features.

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Marta Higueras