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A trip through the multifaceted universe of Fernando Fernán-Gómez

20 Oct

Spanish novelist, playwright, actor, screenwriter and film director, Fernando Fernán-Gómez is one of the most outstanding figures of Spain’s culture. To celebrate the centenary of his birth, a number of experts in his life and work talk about his literary and film legacy. All aboard for this trip through the multifaceted universe of Fernando Fernán-Gómez!

Participants: Ralf Junkerjürgen, professor of Romance cultures at the University of Regensburg and expert in Spanish cinema; Manuel Ruiz Amezcua, poet, essayist and teacher; Helena de Llanos, filmmaker, writer and granddaughter of Fernando Fernán-Gómez.

Moderated by: Elena Sánchez, journalist and expert in Spanish cinema.