Literary, cultural and professional programme

The literary programme is the cornerstone of Spain’s participation as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 and the showcase for the exceptional creative moment of Spanish literature, as well as the strength of our culture represented in the book sector. In addition, Spain is also presenting an ambitious cultural programme in different parts of Frankfurt, as well as in other German cities, to showcase our “Spilling Creativity”.

Upcoming events
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Read the literary 📚, cultural 🎭 and professional 🖋️ programme.

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🖋️ Professional programme
9 June
Press Conference: “Spilling Creativity”

Institutional presentation of Spain’s literary programme and the Spanish pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022.

🎭 Cultural programme
11-25 June
Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci

The Spanish National Centre for the Promotion of Music (CNDM) and the Music Festival Potsdam Sanssouci has programmed four concerts dedicated to Spanish music for the 2022 fair: Euskal Barrokensemble – Enrike Solinís (guitar, lute and conductor); L’Apothéose – Lucía Caihuela (soprano); Al Ayre Español – Eduardo López Banzo (harpsichord and conductor), Maite Beaumont (mezzo); Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla – Dorothee Oberlinger (recorders and conductor).

🖋️ Professional programme
12 June
Meeting: Translating from German has its reward

This meeting forming part of the Madrid Book Fair is organised by ACE Traductores. Four translators discuss their respective careers and the translation awards they have received, including the impact of these awards on their careers at the time and since then. Taking part: Helena Cortés Gabaudan, Isabel García Adánez, Carmen Gauger and Belén Santana. Moderated by: Carlos Gumpert.

🖋️ Professional programme
22 June
Press Conference: “Spilling Creativity”

Institutional presentation of Spain’s cultural programme at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022.

📚 Literary programme
27 June - 2 July
Visits by Spanish writers to German universities

Visits by the writers Isaac Rosa, Marta Sanz and Javier de Isusi to the universities of Cologne, Bremen and Jena. Literary meetings with students and teachers, readings and discussions about the work of the three writers.

📚 Literary programme
27 June - 3 July

The writers Esther Paniagua (Error 404: ¿Preparados para un mundo sin internet?) and Mónica Subietas (El bosque en silencio) present their latest works to coincide with their publication in German. Moderated by Friederike von Criegern.