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Álvaro M. Pons

University professor and writer

Álvaro M. Pons Moreno (Barcelona, 1966), has a PhD in Physics and is a professor at the University of Valencia. For 30 years he has been a regular contributor to fanzines, the media and theoretical publications, as well as writing his blog La cárcel de papel.

He has published over 20 academic articles and a similar number of chapters in books. Among his books are Viñetas a la luna de Valencia (Ediciones de Ponent, 2007) and La Cárcel de Papel (Confluencias, 2017).

He has been the curator of exhibitions in a number of institutions, including the Angoulême Festival, IVAM, Octubre Centro de Cultura Contemporánea and the Prehistory Museum of Valencia.

Since 2019 he has been the director of the Chair of Studies in Comics at Fundación SM-Universitat de València and director of the School of Comics at the same university, as well as co-director of its master in Education and Comics.

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