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Amalia Iglesias

Journalist and poet

Amalia Iglesias (Menaza, Aguilar de Campo, Palencia, 1962) is a journalist and poet. She holds a degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Deusto. Between 1996 and 2011, she was editor-in-chief of the magazine Revista de Libros, and has coordinated the “Contemporáneos” section of the daily ABC cultural supplement and the Culturas supplement of Diario 16. She currently collaborates with the magazine Revista de Occidente.

Her poetry books include Un lugar para el fuego (Rialp, 1985), which won the Adonáis Prize in 1984; Memorial de Amauta (Endymion, 1988), winner of the Basque Government’s Alonso de Ercilla Prize in 1987; Mar en sombra (Málaga, 1989); Dados y dudas (Pre-Textos, 1996), runner-up for the Jaime Gil de Biedma Prize in 1995, and Lázaro se sacude las ortigas (Abada, 2005).

Her poems have also appeared in anthologies such as Las diosas blancas (Hiperión, 1985), Antología de la poesía española 1977-1995 (Castalia, 1997) and Antes de nada, después de todo (Universidad del País Vasco, 2003), which brings together all her books published up to date. She is also the author of several compilations: Poetas en blanco y negro (Abada, 2006), 17 poetas españolas (Vaso Roto, 2017) and the most recent A poema abierto (Universidad de Salamanca, 2021).

In 2004, the Royal Academy of Poetry of Córdoba awarded her the Don Luis de Góngora Gold Medal, and in 2006 she won the Villa de Madrid Francisco de Quevedo Prize for Lázaro se sacude las ortigas.

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