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Antonio Altarriba


Antonio Altarriba (Zaragoza, 1952) is a professor of French literature at the University of the Basque Country, a novelist, essayist and, above all, a renowned scriptwriter. 

He has been one of the leading experts in Spanish comics for 30 years. His works have been published in many countries and have won some of the highest distinctions, such as the Grand Prix de la Critique for Yo, asesino (2014), the first instalment of a trilogy that continues with Yo, loco (2018) and concludes with Yo, mentiroso (2020). All three were illustrated by Keko and published by Norma Editorial.

Together with the cartoonist Kim, he won the 2010 National Comic Award for The art of flying (Jonathan Cape, 2015) which, together with El ala rota (Norma Editorial, 2016), makes up the diptych based on the life of his parents that covers a century of Spanish history. In 2019, he was also awarded the Grand Prize at the 37th edition of Barcelona’s International Comic Fair.

He recently created the El Arte de Volar foundation to support young cartoonists.

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