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Brigitte Kleine


Brigitte Kleine (Frankfurt am Main, 1968) is a freelance journalist and producer of documentaries and cultural programmes for the Franco-German television channel ARTE and the German broadcaster ARD.

She studied Romance Languages, Literature and Linguistics at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and later studied Journalism in Potsdam, Lille (France) and Bogotá (Colombia). 

Her work includes documentaries with a literary focus, such as Jenseits von Macondo – Der Geschichtenerzähler Gabriel García Márquez (ARTE, 1997), or socio-political, such as Black and German: The History of Afro-Germans (ARD, 2021), and interviews with writers such as Michel Houellebecq, Jonathan Franzen, Karl Ove Knausgård or Isabelle Allende.

Her career has been recognised with several awards, including the HR Video Award 2020 for the documentary Ungenügend – wie der Lehrermangel unsere Schüler abhängt (2019), which she co-wrote with Peta Boberg, and the Literavision 2001 for Michel Houellebecq: Ausweitung der Kampfzone (ZDF/3Sat).

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