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Dolores Redondo


Dolores Redondo (Donostia-San Sebastián, 1969) is the author of Trilogía del Baztán (The Baztán Trilogy), the great literary phenomenon in Spanish of recent years. The three books in the trilogy, El guardián invisible (The Invisible Guardian), Legado en los huesos (The Legacy of the Bones) and Ofrenda a la tormenta (Offering to the Storm), have reached two and a half million faithful readers.

Following the appearance of The Invisible Guardian, the critics hailed her as one of the most original and strongest voices in thrillers in Spanish and have greeted each of her following novels with great praise. The trilogy was followed by Todo esto te daré (All This I Will Give to You), which won the Planeta Prize in 2016. Her works have been published around the world by over 38 publishers in 36 different languages.

In 2019 she published La cara norte del corazón (The North Face of the Heart) marking a return to the universe of Baztán. The film adaptation of The Invisible Guardian was premiered in 2017; The Legacy of the Bones followed in 2019 and Offering to the Storm in 2020.

In autumn 2022 she will publish Esperando al diluvio (Planeta).

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