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© Iván Giménez (Seix Barral)

Eduardo Mendoza


Eduardo Mendoza (Barcelona, 1943) is a writer, lawyer and translator. He graduated in Law from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, and until 1982 he worked as a translator in the UN in New York. 

In 1975 he published his first novel, The Truth About the Savolta Case (HarperCollins, 1993), for which he won the Critics’ Prize. His work The Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt (Telegram Books, 2008) was the first of a series of six books in all, of which El secreto de la modelo extraviada (2015) is the last.

In 1986 he published The City of Marvels (Harcourt, 1988), which was extremely well received, and in 1990 he wrote his first play, Restauració. He later published his novel No Word from Gurb (Telegram Books, 2007) in instalments in the daily El País, and the collective novel El enigma Icaria (1992), published in instalments by La Vanguardia.

Most of his works have been published by Seix Barral and have received numerous awards: The Ciutat de Barcelona Prize (1986), the Madrid Booksellers’ Guild Prize (2001), the José Manuel Lara Hernández Novel Prize and the Planeta Prize for Novels (2010). In 2016 he was awarded the Cervantes Prize. 

In recent years Seix Barral has also published his books El rey recibe (2018), El negociado del yin y el yan (2019) and Trasbordo a Moscú (2021).

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