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Fernando Aramburu


Fernando Aramburu (San Sebastian, 1959) is a writer, translator and frequent contributor to the print media. 

He is a graduate in Hispanic Studies from Zaragoza University, and has lived in Hanover, Germany, since the mid-1980s. In 2009 he left his teaching work and decided to focus on his writing. His work as writer includes fiction, short stories, non-fiction and children’s books. 

He is author of novels including Fuegos con limón (Tusquets, 1996), which won the Ramón Gómez de la Serna Prize; Años lentos (Tusquets, 2012), which received the Tusquets Prize for Novels; Patria (Tusquets, 2016) (Homeland), for which he won the National Critics’ Prize and National Fiction Prize 2017 and which has been adapted into a TV series; and Los vencejos (Tusquets, 2021).  

He has also published poetry, such as Ave sombra/Itzal hegazti (Haramburu, 1981) and Bruma y conciencia/Lambroa eta kontzientzia (1977-1990) (Universidad del País Vasco, 1993), which have been published both in Spanish and Basque.

His books of short stories include Los peces de la amargura (Tusquets, 2006), which won the 11th Mario Vargas Llosa NH Prize, the 4th Dulce Chacón Prize and the Real Academia Española Prize 2008; and El vigilante del fiordo (Tusquets, 2011). His non-fiction works include Autorretrato sin mí (Tusquets, 2018), Vetas profundas (Tusquets, 2019) and Utilidad de las desgracias (Tusquets, 2020). 

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