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Helena de Llanos

Film director and researcher

Helena de Llanos (Madrid, 1983) is a film director and researcher. She studied Philology and then Literature before switching to film studies.

She has made films that deal with a variety of subjects and personalities, ranging from the rise to power of the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, from a feminist perspective in La mitad de todo (2012) to a group of esparto grass workers in an old factory in the south of Spain in Nos llaman las estereras (2013). The driving forces of her work are the meeting points between cinema and art, citizens’ participation in cultural creation and memory. Until 2016 she formed part of the Cine sin Autor (Authorless Cinema) collective.

For the last five years, she has been researching into and organizing the cultural legacy of Emma Cohen and Fernando Fernán-Gómez through a multidisciplinary project with outcomes such as the edition of some of their works, the short film ¿Nos hablan los muertos? (2019) and the full-length film Viaje a alguna parte, whose premiere is planned for autumn, 2021.

A trip through the multifaceted universe of Fernando Fernán-Gómez
20 Oct

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