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Irene Vallejo


Irene Vallejo (Zaragoza, 1979) studied Classical Philology and received a European Doctorate from the universities of Zaragoza and Florence. Currently she gives talks and courses to raise interest in the classical world. She is a contributor to the daily Heraldo de Aragón and the weekly El País Semanal

Her novels include La luz sepultada (Paréntesis, 2011) and El silbido del arquero (Contraseña, 2015). She has also published essays and children’s books. Her anthologies Alguien habló de nosotros (2017) and El futuro recordado (2020), which are collections of her journalism, have been published by Contraseña. 

In 2020 she received the National Essay Prize for El infinito en un junco (Siruela) (Papyrus: the Invention of Books in the Ancient World). Also in 2020 Siruela published her Manifiesto por la lectura, a speech given at the Spanish Association of Publishers Guilds to accompany a request for a State Pact on literature and books.

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