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Luis Mateo Díez


Luis Mateo Díez (Villablino, León, 1942) is a writer. He has a degree in law and worked as a civil servant for Madrid’s city government. He has been a member of the Spanish Royal Academy since 2001.

Of all of his works, his trilogy stands out in particular. It includes El espíritu del páramo (1996), La ruina del cielo (1999), and El oscurecer (2002), published by Ollero y Ramos and in which he created the kingdom of Celama; La fuente de la edad (Alfaguara, 1987), and La ruina del cielo (Ollero y Ramos, 1999), both awarded the National Fiction Award and the Critics’ Award, and La cabeza en llamas (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2012), winner of the Francisco Umbral Award. He published his short novels in a single volume entitled Fábulas del sentimiento (Alfaguara, 2013), and in the poetry genre, his work Señales de humo (Institución Fray Bernardino de Sahagún, 1972) is especially noteworthy. 

In 2015, he was awarded the Madrid region’s Literature Award, and in 2020 he received the National Spanish Literature Award from the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

In 2022, his books Celama (un recuento) (Alfaguara) and Mis delitos como animal de compañía (Galaxia Gutenberg) were published. 

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