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Manuel Rivas

Writer and Journalist

Manuel Rivas (A Coruña, 1957) is a writer and a journalist. He graduated in Information Science in Madrid, where he founded the magazine Loia. He is a member of the Real Academia Gallega and contributes to media such as the magazine Luze, El País and La Voz de Galicia. 

His articles and features have been collected in El periodismo es un cuento (1997), Mujer en el baño (2003) and A cuerpo abierto (2008), published by Alfaguara.

His first book of poetry was Ningún cisne (Sotelo Blanco, 1989), for which he received the Leliadoura Prize. La desaparición de la nieve (Alfaguara, 2009) was published simultaneously in all the co-official languages of Spain. His last book of poems was La boca de la tierra (Visor, 2015).

He has also written essays, novels and short stories: Un millón de vacas (Ediciones B, 1989), which won the Spanish Critics’ Prize; En salvaxe compaña (Xerais de Galicia, 1993), which won the Galician Critics’ Prize; ¿Qué me quieres, amor? (Alfaguara, 1995), winner of the Torrente Ballester Prize and the National Fiction Prize; El lápiz del carpintero (Círculo de Lectores, 1998) (The Carpenter’s Pencil), Spanish Critics’ Prize; and Los libros arden mal (Círculo de Lectores, 2006) (Books Burn Badly), winner of the Spanish Critics’ Prize and the Galician Critics’ Prize. 

His latest publications are the poetry book O fica que fóra (Apiario, 2021) and the children’s and young adult books Chispas (Alfaguara, 2021) and A nena lectora (Xerais, 2021), illustrated by Susana Suniaga.

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