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Paco Roca

Illustrator and comic author

Paco Roca (Valencia, 1969) is illustrator and author of comics.

He was first published in the Spanish magazine El Víbora.
He then published the following comic books: GOG (La Cúpula, 2000); El Juego Lúgubre (Dolmen, 2008); Hijos de la Alhambra (Planeta, 2007); El Faro (Astiberri, 2004); and Arrugas (Astiberri, 2007), a work on Alzheimer’s, old age and loneliness, which among other prizes won the Best Book and Best Script prizes at the Barcelona Comic Festival, as well as the National Comic Prize and Best Book Prize at the festivals of Lucca and Rome. Arrugas was made into a film by Ignacio Ferreras in 2011 and received a number of Goya awards.

Numerous other works have followed, published by Astiberri, among them, Las Calles de Arena (2008); Emotional World Tour (2009); El invierno del dibujante (2010); Memorias de un hombre en pijama (2011); La Metamorfosis (2011); Los surcos del azar (2013); Viñetas de vida (2014); Andanzas de un hombre en pijama (2014) and La casa (2015), which received the Best Comic Prize of 2015 from the Zona Cómic association of comic bookshops.

Other important recognitions have included the Romics D’oro Lifetime Award, and recognition as honorary son of the City of Valencia in 2014.

In 2018 he published Confesiones de un hombre en pijama and the book/CD La Encrucijada. A year later he published El tesoro del Cisne Negro and created El Dibuixat for the walls of the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM).

His latest graphic novel is Regreso al Edén, published by Astiberri in 2020.

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