Utopias, culture and the future

23/10/2021 What ethical challenges does transhumanism pose? What direction is the collective Zeitgeist taking? Is there a place for utopia and a positive image of the future? Three expert voices on the subject talk at the Eugenio Trías Public Library about culture and philosophy in today’s world. The anthropologist and researcher Yayo Herrero and the […]

The year of Spain as Guest of Honor of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 begins

The general director of Books and the Promotion of Reading, María José Gálvez, received today the “Guest scroll” from the hands of Caroline Fortin, the representative of the Canadian Organizing Committee. Under the slogan “Spilling Creativity”, Spain’s program as Guest of Honor 2022 will be based on the international success of Spanish literature, strengthening its […]

Three decades on: Minister Miquel Iceta talks with Ignacio Elguero

20/10/2021 Spain is again the Guest of Honor at Frankfurt Book Fair 31 years later of its starring role in 1991. RTVE Journalist Ignacio Elguero talked with Minister of Culture and Sports of Spain, Miquel Iceta, about the outstanding moment that the Spanish editorial industry is currently going through, and its evolution during the past […]