Intimism and rupture in the poetry of the generation of 1950s

José Manuel Caballero Bonald and Francisco Brines, who both passed away in May 2021, are two outstanding poets of the Generation of the 1950s, so-called the “social realism” or the “children of war” generation. Book critic and writer Antonio Ortega interviewed two experts on their work: poet and book critic Juan Carlos Abril; and journalist […]

The year of Spain as Guest of Honor of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 begins

The general director of Books and the Promotion of Reading, María José Gálvez, received today the “Guest scroll” from the hands of Caroline Fortin, the representative of the Canadian Organizing Committee. Under the slogan “Spilling Creativity”, Spain’s program as Guest of Honor 2022 will be based on the international success of Spanish literature, strengthening its […]

Miquel Iceta: “Our creativity crosses borders and knows no boundaries, even idiomatic ones”

21/10/2021 21-octubre-2021 – The Minister of Culture and Sport, Miquel Iceta, presented this morning in a press conference the project Spain Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022, stressing the “Spilling Creativity” of Spain. “Our creativity crosses borders and knows no boundaries, even idiomatic ones”, he pointed out, emphasizing the “vitality and the […]

The effervescence of the Spanish comic

22/10/2021 The comic genre is going through a moment of creative effervescence, influenced by a generational change, the vindication of previous authors and the generation of a new speech. Doctor in Physics and comic expert Álvaro Pons assure us that comics allow us to “live”, “understand”, and “discover” other lives and histories through a personal […]

Have a look at Spain

20/10/2021 The first face-to-face meeting of our professional literary programme in this Frankfurt Book Fair has helped to show the good health of Spain’s publishing sector. Live from Frankfurt, María José Gálvez, General Director of Books and Reading Promotion, Patrici Tixis, president of the Spanish Association of Publishers Guilds (FGEE) and Elvira Marco, Commissioner for […]

Three decades on: Minister Miquel Iceta talks with Ignacio Elguero

20/10/2021 Spain is again the Guest of Honor at Frankfurt Book Fair 31 years later of its starring role in 1991. RTVE Journalist Ignacio Elguero talked with Minister of Culture and Sports of Spain, Miquel Iceta, about the outstanding moment that the Spanish editorial industry is currently going through, and its evolution during the past […]