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The Spanish booktubers with the most subscribers

It was in 2015 when we started to hear about booktubers, people who recommend, summarise or rate books via YouTube. Today the phenomenon has deflated a little. Some of the best-known booktubers have retired, have multiplied the topics they talk about, or have gone over to the other side, to the writers’ side.

Despite all this, many booktubers continue to talk about literature and upload their videos to YouTube on a weekly basis. They also use other platforms, such as Twitch, TikTok (where they are called Booktokers) or Instagram (Bookstagramers), but it is the red play social network where most of their followers are concentrated.

Thanks to the popularity of these literary influencers, publishers rely on them to promote their releases, sending them new books before they go on sale or inviting them to present or participate in meetings with authors. Often, the booktubers themselves are the authors of the works.

In this list we highlight the five Spanish booktubers with the most subscribers:

Raquel Bookish. 433,000 subscribers  

The first Spanish booktuber is one of the latest to arrive. Her first video, a review of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, is only 5 years old. Raquel summarises and recommends books, talks about her reading and also gives advice on habits to encourage creativity and time organisation. She has published a trilogy.

Javier Ruescas.  305,000 subscribers

The first video available on the channel, a review of The Hunger Games, dates from 2010. 11 years later, the channel is paused and the last video, a recommendation of the best reads of 2020, is almost a year old. Javier Ruescas has published 10 books and several of them are narrated by himself. He is a creative writing teacher and editor of the digital magazine of youth literature

El coleccionista de mundos. 267,000 subscribers

Sebastián García Mouret has been talking about books on the Internet since 2012, when he posted his review of El bosque de los sueños on YouTube. He is still active and regularly publishes reviews, reflections and interviews with writers. He published a novel in 2020 and currently writes for the aforementioned youth magazine El templo de las mil puertas.

Josu Diamond. 249,000 subscribers

Josu Lorenzo Grilli’s channel stands out for its sense of humour and for being focused on youth literature. Online since 2010, he publishes reviews, anecdotes, and reflections on literature and other topics. He has published a novel and in 2021 he co-founded Literali Box with other booktubers, an e-commerce that sends surprise-themed boxes with books, a literary magazine, and various merchandising items.

Bicheando libros. 153,000 subscribers

Paola Boutellier Rodríguez published her first novel in September 2021, the audiobook of which she voice-overed herself, but she has been part of the booktuber scene since 2015. She talks about all genres (without hiding the fact that her favourite is mystery novels), her monthly reading goals, and also recommends extensive thematic book lists.